PackSuit Expedition

Weight from: 900g

• Lightweight and durable
• Waterproof and breathable material
• Taped seams
• Convenient Vislon front zip
• Comfortable neck cuff in latex

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Norseraft PackSuit Expedition - Drysuit for Packrafting

With PackSuit Expedition you can stay dry and warm while paddling in cold weather. A drysuit is ideal for packrafters as you can wear normal hiking clothes under the suit and stay completely dry. Norseraft PackSuit Expedition is specially designed to meet the needs of a packrafter; It is light and durable and gives you the extra safety and comfort you need on a trip.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Waterproof and breathable material
  • Taped seams
  • Convenient Vislon front zip
  • Comfortable neck cuff in latex


    PackSuit Expedition is designed to meet the basic requirements of a dry suit, to keep the user dry. We have dropped a lot of unnecessary things to keep the weight down. We have nevertheless chosen to include some elements that we believe are important for a good packrafting suit.

    Vislon Front zip makes it easy to get in and out of the suit. You can also open a little and ventilate on quiet stages where the danger of capsizing is minimal or when you are on land.

    "Pee hatch" is something you absolutely must have on a dry suit. If you want to paddle far, it must be easy to go to the bathroom when the need arises.

    The suit has an elastic band at the waist that allows you to tighten it so that it fits well. This band affects weight minimally and makes the suit fit much better, which is especially practical if you are going to go short stages with the suit on.

    Ankle protection ensures that you get minimal pebbles and other debris into the shoes and reduces the chance of holes in the suit. Although holes in the suit can be repaired, it is preferably not what you want to do on the trip.

    The suit has "socks" of the same material as the rest of the suit. This ensures that you also stay dry on your feet, which can be extremely important in icy waters and rivers. It has latex cuffs on the wrist, which makes the arms completely tight.

    In the neck we have used a latex cuff that is extra soft and "stretchy", precisely because this suit is to be used on long trips where you do not want it to tighten uncomfortably in the neck. The result is a cuff that is more waterproof than neoprene, but still comfortable to wear.


    PackSuit Expedition is suitable for traditional packrafting trips with varied paddling on flat water and river. It fits well over hiking clothes or wool underwear. You can easily get in and out with Vislon front zip. A separate "pee hatch" makes it easy to go to the bathroom if the need arises.

    The suit provides increased security on the trip and is essential if you want to paddle outside the summer. Particularly suitable for Norwegian conditions with cold water.


    BRAND Norseraft Packrafting Gear
    MODEL PackSuit Expedition
    WEIGHT Small 900 g, medium 950 g, Large 1000g, XL 1050g 
    MATERIALS 3-layer material (nylon, membrane and polyester)
    ZIPPER Vislon
    CONSTRUCTION Seams are sewn and taped
    WATER COLUMN 20 000 mm
    BREATHING PROPERTIES 6000 g/m²/24h



    All measurements are in centimeters.

    S M L XL
    CHEST 89-97
    97-104 104-112
    WAIST 71-79 79-86 86-94
    UPPER BODY LENGTH 150-160 160-170 173-183 183-193
    INSIDE LEG 74-76 76-79 79-81 81-84
    SLEEVE 76-81 81-86 86-89 89-91
    HEIGHT* 157-168 168-183 178-188 183-193
    WEIGHT* 50-69 64-90 75-99 85-109
    NECK CUFF Small
    CUFF WRIST Small
    BUILT-IN SOCKS 39-41 42-47 42-47 42-47

    * All bodies are different, so if you are unsure whether the suit will fit, we recommend measuring.

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    Trond sverre Mål

    Norseraft PackSuit Expedition

    Reidar Henning Bøhmer
    Passer helt perfekt.

    Norseraft Packsuit Expedituon er veldig behagelig bekledning når en padler packraft.Behøver ikke og tenke at man blir våt og ubehagelig i regnevær eller tippe rundt.Utrolig rask LEVERING og GOD SERVICE av Packraft norge.Lett og få på og av seg med 2 stk.tizip glidelås/slå lensluke. ANBEFALES på de sterkeste.

    Ramin Nasery
    Bra produkt

    Veldig fornøyd med produktet :)

    Lett tørrdrakt - god til sitt bruk

    Strikk i livet skulle vært av mye bedre kvalitet, eller det skulle vært brukt en annen patent. Sliter med at denne løsner, og drakten sklir ned. Mansjetten kunne også vært valgt i kraftigere utførelse. Det virker litt for tynt (har god erfaring med andre våtdrakter). Skjønner at dette er gjort for å spare vekt, men tenker at denne vekten er greit å bære med seg.

    Erik Aslaksen
    Lett og grei pris

    Denne drakta var VELDIG funksjonell på vår 10 dagers tur gjennom nord-Finland. Har de detaljene som trengs med flapper over skogene etc, samtidig som vekten er holdt veldig lav. Byttet strikket i livet da dette var litt tynt, samt at noen av sømmene trengte litt mer lim. Anbefales.